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Coumadin Clinic

There are many reasons you may have to take Coumadin, or the generic equivalent drug, Warfarin.

The Austin Heart Coumadin Clinic specializes in dosing and monitoring of drug activity for our patients who take Coumadin or warfarin.

Austin Heart Coumadin Clinics are staffed by clinical personnel trained in anti-coagulation management.

What to Expect

  • When you start taking Coumadin, you may require frequent blood tests, usually once a week, until the correct dosage has been determined.
  • After the dose has been regulated, tests will occur less frequently, although to ensure safety you must continue to have your blood tested every four weeks.
  • The INR tests are by appointment only.
  • Visits are quick, about 5-10 minutes.
  • You will receive your test result immediately, and the nurse uses these results to determine what dose of Coumadin you need to take and when to schedule your next INR test.
  • You will receive a dosage calendar to follow until your next visit.
  • You can discuss any Coumadin-related questions you have with the nurse.

What is INR testing?

The INR test stands for International Normalized Ratio. This is the test that the nurses in the Coumadin Clinic use to determine if your dose of Coumadin is in a safe range. The results of this test determine what dosage of Coumadin you should take.

Where do I have the test done?

Each Austin Heart Office has a Coumadin Clinic. Some patients are candidates for home Coumadin monitoring and the results of these tests are also monitored by the Coumadin Clinic in your Austin Heart Office.

To schedule, reschedule or cancel an appointment for a finger stick test, please call the preferred Austin Heart location